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We are commited to providing a rapid, efficient and comprehensive service to all our customers, whatever their requirements.
Situated on a 5 acre site in the picturesque countryside of Donaghcloney, Central Chemical Supplies Limited is Ireland's premier independent chemical trader. Established in 1986, CCS Ltd has gone from strength to strength to become the reputable company it is today.

Agriculture, feed and horticulture

CCS supplies a range of products to these sectors and manufactures the PureChem brand of dairy hygiene products which includes detergents, acids, teat dips and disinfectants for direct use on farms.


CCS is a license manufacturer of Ad Blue® and also produces a range of cleaning chemicals such as TFRs, shampoos, snow foam, tyre dressing and interiors cleaners.

Building and construction

We supply a wide range of raw materials which are used to manufacture building and construction chemicals such as admixtures, mortars, adhesives and paints.


CCS offers various products for cosmetic application including surfactants, emollients and disinfectants.  

Detergents and hygiene

CCS supplies a diverse range of chemicals to detergent manufacturers such as surfactants, solvents, builders, sequestrants, alkalis, acids and biocides. We also manufacture concentrate blends/premixes for formulators.


Dyestuffs are the one of the first products to be sold by CCS and remains in our offering to this day. We can source and supply a range of dyes of diverse applications. 

Food and drink

We supply a number of products which are used directly in food and drink production as well as chemicals for CIP cleaning. 

Metal surface treatment

CCS supplies various chemicals which are used to clean and treat metals prior to process such as galvanising. We can also offer bespoke blends for specific applications.  

Paint and printing

We supply a number of chemicals for the manufacture of paint and printing inks alongside solvent cleaning products.


We offer a number of products for use in pharmaceutical formulations and chemical synthesis. 


CCS continues to sell a range of textile auxiliary chemicals that are used in production processes such as dyeing and finishing. 

Water treatment

CCS offers a number of chemicals that are used for water treatment across different sectors including drinking water and swimming pools. Main applications include pH control, flocculation, coagulation, odour control and disinfection.